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The Best Shooters in the Philippines

<p>These guys made more long distance calls than everyone else</p>
| Mar 9, 2010
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When we featured the Adidas TS Supernatural Commander and Creator, we learned that the new kicks promised a lighter, faster, and more flexible performance. [firstpara] Well, critics say no shoe, not even an Adidas shoe, is that groundbreaking until proven and put to the test.

So off we went to the Adidas TS Supernatural Grand Shootout held at SM Megamall last Saturday March 6, where an encouraging number of Commander and Creator-wearing participants attended with hopes of taking home the grand prize: 2 roundtrip tickets to the US and an opportunity to watch the Chicago Bulls-Orlando Magic game.

At first glance, everyone’s chances are as good as the next one. Until the legit players really started to get going.

We figured it might have something to do with the Adidas kicks, since event host and FHM Buzzer Beater blogger Lia Cruz even scored a respectable number of baskets after wearing one herself.

We have never seen a more unconventional group of players in one event, but outside shots went in as though we were in NBA 2k10. In the finals, seasoned hoopster Gerardo Papa scored a delectable 31 points in 60 seconds to emerge as the grand champion. Very impressive alright, but it also got us thinking: who bears the privilege of being the best shooter in the local basketball scene?

Basketball forum threads and everyday hoops fans have mentioned a few players, a company of triggermen we can associate with the likes of Larry Bird and Reggie Miller. They are our own version of a true basketball marksman; a bona fide field goal master.

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Here are 6 of the best perimiter shooters that ever graced the game of Philippine basketball.

1. Allan Caidic
Despite retiring from the game of basketball many moons ago, it’s no surprise that the “Triggerman” is still high on every aficionado’s list of the supreme sharp shooters, both in the Philippines and the whole of Asia.

The man is a legit basketball player, sporting a much finessed style of play that compliments his dorky wrist bands.

The moniker Allan Caidic acquired isn’t merely a metaphor. His to-die-for shooting range elevates him from any other skillful PBA player we have today.

He’s no Dwight Howard or Derrick Rose in built and basketball know-how, but his outside shooting is so accurate that labeling him as the best shooter of all time is almost non-arguable.

All recognitions and awards aside, Caidic will always be popular for having the most points scored in a game (79 points), the most three-point field goals made in a single game (17 triples), the most three point field goals in a career (1, 242 triples), and most consecutive free throws made in a row (76).

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Check out Caidic's impressive shooting performance against the NBA Legends:

2. Ren-Ren Ritualo
If Allan Caidic is a song that has a kick-ass revival, it would definitely be Ren-Ren Ritualo. Nicknamed “The Rainman”, Ren-Ren earned his way up the ranks by raining down treys after treys.

He is also a member of the PBA 500 Three-Points Club, and has once made at least 8 triples each in 4 consecutive games.

Ren-Ren is so much faster compared to his contemporaries, yet possesses the magic hand many in the PBA can only aspire. He’s the type of marksman players cannot leave wide open, often leaving them in a visual rendering of scratched heads and curled faces.

Ren-Ren is also a scoring leader, not just merely a complimentary 3-point shooter that gets tagged in close-game situations like Steve Kerr or Robert Horry. Steve Kerr, by the way, is a record holder for having the highest 3-point percentage in NBA history.

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Watch Ren-Ren's trailer for My Game:


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