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The Creepy And Curious Case Of 'Orie Chef'

Bot, troll, or just a forgetful tita?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Aug 8, 2017
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The Internet freaked out yesterday when a post about a woman named 'Orie Chef' went viral on Facebook.

Netizen Jan Carlo Cunanan Asuncion was the first one to share the disturbing observation when he read this random comment on a post that he was following.

Curious about the post and person, Asuncion clicked on the profile and was shocked to see more spooky stuff. Almost all of Orie's Facebook friends have her image as profile picture.

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On a 4chan thread, we found out that an anonymous foreigner first noticed the oddity:

"So I was just in Facebook like a normie that I am and I came across a comment in a post thats a bit unnerving. It's from a posted article from a page that has a few comments so it saw it. The comment was obviously not entirely in english but she explains how she wants to be 'cremated' before her husband or some type of thing and she kept talking about her friend Suzy or something. So I got weirded put by this and I tried to click the Facebook account to know what the fuck is up with this lady. This is where it gets weirder," the post says.

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At first, netizens thought that Orie was a bot

"I found this follower via one of her accounts, That latest looks as if she is dead.
Anyways, That last picture is a picture of her and there are also pictures of coffee which would be relating to that 'Barista' keyword, potentially a bot."

"Like the other guy said, it's a bot. It's crazy what people will do on social media. To put it in some perspective, it's been estimated that roughly half of the millions of followers Trump has on Twitter are bots. Not sure if he even knows it."

Some think she's a political troll

"Dummy accounts are common in the Philippines for no other reason than that people want to comment or troll on political posts/news outlets without the backlash of getting bullied online. or some of them are just bored and have nothing better to do."

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Some say she's just a forgetful tita who keeps on making new accounts because she keeps on forgetting her password

"I keep trying to think she probably just doesn't know how to internet and keeps making new accounts because she forgets her passwords."


There were a lot of theories, but finally, someone had the courage to message the creepy account and ask her why she has so many of them.

Here's what they found out:

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According to her, she uses all these accounts for various Facebook games. She has around 20 pages of this kind, while the other accounts were hacked.

Still, that doesn't explain the creepy posts on some of her accounts.

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Bot, troll, or just a forgetful gamer tita? What do you think?

You can read the entire thread here


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