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The 'Death Threat' Text Scam Just Got Worse

New year, old scam
by Andrei Medina | Jan 11, 2017
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It’s now 2017 and people are finding honest means to develop themselves in a positive manner to face the challenges that come along this year.

But it’s not just these good-meaning people who are trying to improve their ways but also some shady individuals who are in the business of scamming others.

In light of this, we were alerted last year by a Facebook post that shared information on how a new text scam was being used to extort potential victims through death threats.

Now we’re giving you the heads up that this scam has leveled up and has branched out to calls.

In short, these unscrupulous individuals won’t only send you text messages but will also start calling you at random times in the day to scare you into paying them so they would supposedly ‘cancel’ the hit request on you and your family.

Unfortunately, a concerned citizen who wished to remain anonymous due to safety concerns was the target of this very scam today.

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Here’s what happened:

If you want to have a solid grasp of what’s it like to be on the phone with a scammer then check out this post on InterAksyon where a victim shared a recording similar to the incident above.


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