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Ellen Adarna Opens FHM 2012!

Doing what we’ve never done before so we can do what we’ve always done best
by Ronjay Eduvas | Dec 29, 2011
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Allow us to coin the Ellen Adarna Phenomenon: Trippin' on something only to end up rocking the whole damn thing. Our January cover girl is famous for this—she never planned on becoming the Ellen Adarna but hey! Now that she is, she might as well enjoy it.

Well, we never planned on having two different covers this month but hey! Since we can't choose—choosing one from a ton of material sounds like the more cruel thing to do— why not enjoy having two! Pwede naman pala e!

You see, this January 2012 cover is special. There were a lot of things we did for this that we normally wouldn't do, i.e. not choosing a single cover, instead relishing having two. And then: We shot at an abandoned mansion that had we known it was so old and scary, we'd never even consider setting foot in it. But we did. For Ellen. For this cover. And then: We hauled three oversized attack dogs together. In one room. Had we realized it would produce a terrifying ruckus, we probably wouldn’t have let them dogs out of their cages. But we did. For Ellen. And then: forgoing the fact that our location was devoid of chairs, or fans, or a function toilet. Had we known it was inhabitable, we might have taken the easy way and shot in a studio instead. But we didn’t. All for Ellen.

We didn't plan anything but hey, we enjoyed every single bit about it—attack dogs, the lack of functioning toilets, ghosts, and all. Did we rock this shoot? Did Ellen own the cover? Hello! She owned it so much, we let her have two!

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