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The Anti Gift Guide: 10 Presents You Shouldn't Be Giving Anymore

'All I (don't) want for Christmas...'
by John Paulo Aguilera | Dec 11, 2015
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These days, wish lists have become a requisite in gift exchanges at Christmas shindigs.

Sometimes though, people still take part in random gift-giving (aka "Monito, Monita"), with only a name and the monetary limit for presents as their guide. For example, an elementary student draws the name of a classmate he rarely talks to and comes up with the best present for his "baby."

If only everyone is as thoughtful... 

But the reality is, instead of pleasant surprises, what often follows is an awkward barter of ill-matched gifts, the worst of which are from your lazy-ass colleagues, who didn't even spare a tad of thought into buying.

And below are such gifts a.k.a. the things you shouldn't even think twice giving this Christmas.

1) Picture frame

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Although a blow-up Godzilla-inspired frame is actually pretty cool...

2) Mug

As plain as it gets. Unless it has the giver's face or something witty like "Diyan ka mug-aling" on it.

Bath towel

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"From which hotel did you get this from?"

"So that is why my allergy is acting up!"

4) Handkerchief

No plus points even if colors were meticulously picked.

Wall clock

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We've had enough pa-giveaway from mayor.


6) Calendar

...and yet we still give 'em.

7) Undersized or oversized shirts

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"You could've asked for my size..."

A pack of ball-point pens

...with just the colors black, red and blue.

Essential oils

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AKA the non-essential toiletries

10) Scented candles

It's "Monita," not lola.

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