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The FHM Gimik Guide: August 8, 2014

Food trips and concert tours!
by Gelo Gonzales | Aug 8, 2014
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Aaaand it's Friday! But we're not letting you off that easy, fellas, as we recap the best of the week, and provide you a trusty list of to-dos this weekend.

This week, we lined up eight of TV's most spectacular shows today, expounded on the dangers of taking selfies (especially armpit selfies) and going on staredowns.

We also listed down basketball's most gruesome injuries in light of the whole Paul George incident, presented valid reasons why you shouldn't leave the safety of your own house ever again, and celebrated FHM cover girl Aiko Climaco's birthday!

To finish, we took a ride on the FHM time machine, and looked back at all the kalokohan we did back in August 2004.

Now, for the weekend gimik guide! Check it out below!

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