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The Most Hilarious Answers From Chito Gascon's Reddit AMA

The CHR Chair is chill AF
by Andrei Medina | Oct 2, 2017
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Never would we have imagined that we would find the likes of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Chairperson lurking around a whimsical social media platform .

But this actually happened when Chito Gascon found time to take a much-needed break from his duties to horse around with some netizens on Reddit.

During an “Ask Me Anything” session over the weekend, Gascon gamely answered a couple of totally random questions from the Pinoy Redditor community.

We’ve compiled Gascon’s responses to some of the most hilarious questions ranging from the deathless “Sinigang or Adobo” query to his health and other senseless topics like his favorite electric fan speed. Check out some of these exchanges below:

1) The Chito Gascon biopic

Q: If your life story is going to be made into a movie, who would portray you as well as other people in your life? Who would portray Duterte?

A: If my life were to be made a movie, which would be boring, still, I would want Ian Veneracion, as some people say I look like him. Or he looks like me. Who would portray Duterte? Willy Revillame.

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2) On his health

Q: Okay lang po ba kayo? Parang you lost weight kasi. How's your appetite and sleep? Huwag po pabayaan ang health. They are not worth it. And, you're still needed.

A: I'm okay. Yes, I've been losing weight, keeping my appetite, but lacking sleep. I have some minor health issues, but these will be overcome in due time.

3) Well played

Q: Chairman Gascon, please give one word or a few words that best describe the following:

Manny Pacquiao - People's Champ
Mocha Uson - Misunderstood
Titto Sotto - Star for all seasons
Speaker Alvarez - Cute
President Duterte - Relentless

4) Sinigang or Adobo (baboy)?

Q: If you can only eat one dish for one year, which one would you choose: Sinigang baboy? Adobong baboy?

A: Sinigang, because it has vegetables, but I love adobo too.

5) Fear the beard

Q: Hi, Sir! How do you maintain your beard?

A: I don't. I let it grow on its own, until it becomes messy and difficult, and then I shave it all off, and the cycle begins anew.


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6) Lol!

Q: Good afternoon ulit, sir! Ano ang favorite niyo pong number sa electric fan?

A: Highest. I prefer cold rather than heat. I don't like to perspire, so the colder the fan, the better.

7) Local crushes

Q: Who is your ultimate crush in politics and showbiz? Local personalities only please.

A: In showbiz, Maja Salvador. In politics, Senator Risa Hontiveros.

8) Hobbies

Q: Do you play Video Games? Watch tv shows? What do you play or watch

A: Yes, when I have time (and have little of it now). I like NBA2k and FIFA. As for the TV shows, GoT and The Big Bang Theory.

9) The cheesy question

Q: Pichi-pichi with cheese or pichi-pichi with coconut?

A: Cheese, bro. Always cheese. More cheese.

10) What about a waifu?

Q: Have you watched/read any anime/manga? Also as a follow up if you did watch/read any anime/manga who would be your waifu aside from your real wife. (Promise di kami magsusumbong)

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A: I wish I could watch more anime, but I can't. For a waifu aside from my wife, perhaps Scarlet Johansson in Ghost in the Shell.


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