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The Most Hilarious Reactions To Rachel Peters' Top 10 Miss U Finish

'We deserve an explanation! We deserve an acceptable reason!'
by Khatrina Bonagua | Nov 27, 2017
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The country's disposition went from ecstatic to downright gloomy after Rachel Peters wasn’t included in the Top 5 bets for this year's Miss Universe crown. 

Although everyone was down, everyone is still proud of Rachel’s achievements and Top 10 finish. It’s a competition—winners and losers are bound to be decided.

As for us Filipinos, aside from being amazed with Rachel’s showstopping performance, we've also shown the world—through social media—how to handle the situation with humor. Pinoys are known for being an optimistic people, and it's evident in how the Twitter world is now being flooded with the most hilarious reactions to the pageant's outcome.

Here are the ones that made us laugh our asses off:

Steve Harvey, we need your help

Wildflower's Ivy Aguas is here to save the day

Everyone’s asking for an explanation


We can’t blame you for taking a day off today

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Even Krissy couldn’t take it

Yup, we feel you

Oooh the shade!

Nevertheless, it was a good fight, Rachel! 

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