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The Good, the bad and the ugly: Twitter comments on 2010 Elections

<p>Twitter peeps say the darndest things</p>
| May 11, 2010
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It was yet another hot and arid summer day as Filipinos, the whole island over, waited in line to cast their votes. [firstpara] We could have simply hung out in the malls to cool our skins, but thankfully, a sense of national spirit won out.

Out of a total of 50.7 million voters, 85% actually went out, voted, and had their pointy finger dabbed with some indelible ink.

And when something as big as the National Elections happen, expect that the Internet (or at least the space occupied by Filipinos) is going to be filled with posts and messages relating to it.

From the weird to the witty, from the obnoxious to the even-keeled, the people have something to say. Especially those on twitter, they’re very much opinionated people.

Let’s start off with what they’re saying about… 

Noynoy Aquino

The Good:
Conrats to Pres. NOYNOY AQUINO. kahit hindi pa na poproclaim. (:

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The Bad:
Since Noynoy Aquino is not married yet, does that mean that Kris Aquino is our acting First Lady? Ekslussiiiibooooo!

The Ugly:
we can impeach NOYNOY AQUINO if he doesnt anything good!

The Awful:
Sen. Noynoy Aquino nagsasagawa ng Press Conference sa Hacienda Luisita .

Joseph Estrada

The Good
: dear erap, i believe that you have the heart for public service and for the masses, but you don't have to be president (again) to do that.

The Bad
: Joseph Estrada'a lawyer says he plans to file an election protest alleging fraud on the part of Aquino

The Ugly
: Haha.Sabi ni Erap hindi sila parehas ng posisyon ng lawyer niya na nagsabing nadaya siya.Hala.THE LAWYER IS IN BIG TROUBLE.Hahaha!

The Awful
Nagconcede na sila Villar and JC delos Reyes kay Noy. Si Erap magpoprotesta na lang daw kasi di nya alam ibig sabihin ng concede.

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