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The Hostage Crisis According to the Web

<p>Filipinos speak out for the sake of justice</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Aug 24, 2010
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After the events of yesterday's hostage crisis, Quirino Grandstand may as well be known as a crime scene, and the Philippines a tourist-angry nation.[firstpara]

We pretty much have an idea of what happened yesterday, August 23: Rolando Mendoza, a 1986 Top Ten Outstanding Policeman of the Philippines, hijacked a tourist bus full of Hong Kong tourists on a plead to overturn his recent discharge from service.

The hostage attempt ended on a violent note, some ten hours later with 10 casualties, Mendoza included.

As expected, fingers are aflying, eager for someone to blame. Many say point to police authorities for their poor handling of the negotiation process with Mendoza... and their general lack of authority.

Others look to media, saying media's presence triggered the hostage-taker's outrage; he saw the play-by-play arrest of his family, live on television.

Today, August 24, a hostage survivor wrote to Yahoo! stating the actual events from inside the bus. (Click here to read the full transcript. Warning: it contains graphic details.)

Manila is back on bad spotlight. We look to two people to bring in some much needed positivity : Miss Universe 2010 4th runner up Venus Raj and 15-year old Reigno Puno, the kid who wrote a letter to the world stating "why not all Filipinos are like Mendoza." (Click here to read his letter to CNN.)

Many Pinoys are also on Facebook and Twitter, out to ridicule and defend the situation. Even President Aquino gave a candid piece of his mind. Here are some of them:

Police authorities are currently being condemned for lack of strategy and frail negotiation skills during the events of Monday’s hostage drama. They are also being blamed for the absence of crowd and media control, resulting to civilian casualties and exposed police strategies.

iamsuperbianca: this isn't the first time we've faced a hostage-taking-in-a-bus right? shouldn't we have learned what to do already?

tjmanotoc: after 2day I have 2 wishes: a better trained & managed PNP crisis team & a stronger, more cohesive KBP wherein competition can be put aside, & consensus on live converges can be a phonecall away.

jeffcanoy: how is hostaging a bus full of foreigners going to get you your job back as a policeman? minsan, konting brains naman.

maxenemagalona: Ang sarap i-swat ng SWAT.

LiterallyC: S.W.A.T. Philippines = Sobrang Wala Akong Training

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