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The 15 Hottest Instagram Accounts Of 2015

AKA the women you should follow, STAT!
by Chise Alcantara | Dec 18, 2015
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It's that time of the year again, bros. Yup, you've guessed it, it's time to review the hottest Instagram accounts of 2015!

But since we have our own definition and preferences on what we think is "hot" we've come up with a well-researched, carefully-engineered (but still purely arbitrary) criteria on how to judge our picks.

Most of the scoring will be based off of what we usually want to see and what a hot girl would possibly post in their Instagram accounts, which are: selfies, gym gains, videos, witty captions, and finally the most important criteria, beach pictures.

So without any further ado, let the stalking appreciation festival begin!

1) Kim Domingo aka @therealkimdomingo

It's no surprise that this month's cover girl and viral phenomenon is on a list that concerns social media. Let's see how far she'll trend!

Selfie Game: 9/10 ­– Imagine her lying on her bed, sending you random seductive selfies showcasing her beautiful smile and those *swoons* braces.


Uwi kana ng bahay, Dina ko galit :P

A photo posted by Kim Domingo (@therealkimdomingo) on

Gym Gains: 6/10 - We don't really understand what workout move you're trying to do in your pictures, so we thought we could suggest you post some workout tutorials for us, Kim. Pretty please?


Don't wish for a Good Body, WORK FOR IT ? #HomeWorkout ?

A photo posted by Kim Domingo (@therealkimdomingo) on

Viral Videos: 10/10 – These are basically moving, cuter versions of her selfies! How could you not love them?

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Uwi kana babe nababaliw nako ??

A video posted by Kim Domingo (@therealkimdomingo) on

Witty Captions: 6/10 – Kim likes to keep it simple with her usual song lyrics posts and occasional, "uwi ka na" baby hirits.


Forget about the stupid little things ?? Lalalala ???????? #Amnesia/5secondsofSummer ????

A photo posted by Kim Domingo (@therealkimdomingo) on

Beach Pics: N/A – We found it very, very surprising (and disappointing) that you don't have any beach pics, Kim. You don't have to be afraid of the sun! You're fair enough already!

2) Arianny Celeste aka @ariannyceleste

The queen of strutting around the UFC Octagon, and probably the gym selfie. She got the stuffs, bro!

Selfie Game: 9/10 – Arianny knows what’s up. Selfies aren’t always just about looking cute, but showcasing all your assets!


Good morning. ????#ididnotwakeuplikethis #humpday #ariannyCeleste #happyWednesday TAG a brunette lover.????

A photo posted by Arianny Celeste UFC® (@ariannyceleste) on

Gym Gains: 10/10 – We already proclaimed her the Queen of Gym Selfies. You're just waiting for the pictures aren't you?


Shooting on this hot summer day! #happyHumpday! ????????#squatLife ????????

A photo posted by Arianny Celeste UFC® (@ariannyceleste) on

Viral Videos: 9/10 – Her workout videos makes us guilty about not going to the gym as often as we should. But we're including this video of her on a trampoline, just because Arianny Celeste on a trampoline, bro!

Witty Captions: 6/10 – While we're usually okay when models use their Instagram accounts to sell us stuff, we're having some trouble controlling ourselves from buying another calendar.

Beach Pics: DAT ASS/10 – Remember how we mentioned showcasing your assets? Arianny’s got it down.


Brought sand to the beach , cause my beach is betta.....#views??????

A photo posted by Arianny Celeste UFC® (@ariannyceleste) on

3) Kendall Jenner aka @kendalljenner

She has 44 million followers, and we could see why.

Selfie Game: 8/10 – She really likes posting hand bra selfies, which are like the most teasing kind. Grrrrr...


my favorite photo for all 40 mill of you. genuine happiness...taken by lil Ky @490tx

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Gym Gains: 4/10 - Kendall isn't really big on posting gym selfies but we found a video of her riding a horse.


#flashback to when I came back after 4 years without this :( I miss it

A video posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Viral Videos: 8/10 - You know you have good videos if they look like a portion of a legit music video.

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clearly still obsessed

A video posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Witty Captions – 6/10 - Kendall just likes to keep it short and sweet with emoticon captions and other millennial lingo.


disco disco

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

Beach Pics: 9/10 – Her torso is brought to you by the letter "V."



A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

4) Gigi Hadid aka @gigihadid

Kendall and Gigi's Instagram accounts just seem to go hand and hand. That's why we couldn't leave this pretty girl out of this list.

Selfie Game: 7/10 – Typical hot people, taking pictures with other hot people. Just kidding, they're still our Instagram besties peg.

Gym Gains: 7/10 – Put 'em up! Gigi's sexy boxing outfit will knock your socks off!

Viral Videos: 8/10 – Told you so!

Witty Captions: 7/10 – Just like her BFF, she keeps her captions short making her followers focus more on her pretty face. But she does throw in pa-deep quotes here and there.

Beach Pics: 9/10 – We gotta give it up for those genes, bro.

5) Georgina Wilson aka @ilovegeorgina

One of the classiest chicks on Instagram, her handle just says it all.

Selfie Game: 8/10 – If a woman can make a duck face and still look pleasing as hell to look at, then we have to give her props.

Gym Gains: 9/10 - We wanted to recycle an overused sexy back joke but we’re so much better than that.

Viral Videos: 7/10 - Georgina just discovered Snapchat and we’re so happy that she’s obsessed with it.

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Witty Captions: 9/10 – Okay, maybe these aren't captions but you have to admit, it's pretty clever.

Special Shoutout Selfie: 9.99/10 - This one's a little bit biased but we just had to name this as the best besties selfie. It’s just too sexy to ignore.

6) Monika Sta. Maria aka @monikastamaria

If you're having trouble remembering where you've seen her before, she was the runner-up on Asia's Top Model Cycle 3 (hosted and judged by Georgina, FYI). She's also in our September issue's fashion editorial, so you better check that out!

Selfie Game: 9/10 – The best part about Monika's selfies is that you can get a good close-up at her adorable freckles.

Gym Gains: 9/10 – As much as we would love to jog around with Monika, we really believe that we wouldn't be able to keep up. This girl has legs for days!

Viral Videos: 7/10 – Hmm...attractive people trying to look ugly but completely fail at it.

Witty Captions: 7/10 – With captions like these, you could probably write a book or something. Maybe we should do one together?! Now that's an idea.

Beach Pics – 9/10 – We really wanted to include all her pictures since it was really hard to pick which ones she looked best in—she looks perfect in each one.

7) Maine Mendoza aka @mainedcm

How could we forget the "It Girl" of 2015? Maine has one of the most followed Philippine Instagram accounts this year, and we’re certain that number will continue to rise with the awesome pictures she's posting!

Selfie Game: Left, right, or even pabebe, Maine's selfies are always a joy to look at.

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Gym Gains: ???/10 – We're not sure if this counts as exercise or not but it does look pretty, erm, interesting.

Viral Videos: 10/10 – Her name is Yaya Dub, so you can't expect anything less from her! Also, that accent's on fleek.

Witty Captions ­– 9/10 – She keeps it simple—you would too if you had a face as expressive as hers.

Beach Pics: 8/10 – Few people actually know that Maine has an awesome beach body, which seems unfair since she looks like she really enjoys her food.

8) Heart Evangelista aka @iamhearte

Heart's chiz-ey relationship has made her Instagram account even more colorful. You lucky bastard, Chiz.

Selfie Game: 9/10 – How can someone look so effortlessly pretty? It's cheating, we tell you.

Viral Videos: 7/10 – We're glad to see that Heart, behind all that posh class, hasn't lost her funny side!

Witty Captions – 7/10 - Here's Heart's silly side again!

Beach Pics: 6/10 – We know you have the body, Mrs. Escudero! So don't be afraid to flaunt it!


9) Aubrey Miles aka @milesaubrey

This sex-symbol-turned-hot-momma-turned-fitness-addict-and-"Babetrepeneur" has been an FHM staple for years. We just hope we can come close to being as fit as her at her age.

Selfie Game: 7/10 – Aubrey can floor any man she wanted.

Gym Gains and Viral Videos: 9/10 – Seriously, would you mind if we just link you to her Instagram page since 99-percent of her photos and videos are of her in the gym or on a yoga mat?

Witty Captions: 9/10 – "On good days I workout, on bad days I workout harder…" Any more excuses, bro?

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Beach Pics: 10/10 – And here's the pinaghirapan-ko-yan bod we were looking for...

10) Emily Ratajkowski aka @emrata

If you think she's super familiar, you've probably replayed Robin Thicke's "Blurred Line" music video way too much.

Selfie Game: 8/10 – If you hadn't noticed yet, lying-down-on-my-bed-thinking-of-you selfies always score high on our list. That, and cute nerdy glasses selfies.

Viral Videos: 8/10 - Apart from her viral music video, Emily also showcases her crazy dance moves at parties and photo shoots.

Witty Captions – 8/10 – Emily's the type of girl you would write poems like these for:

Beach Pics – 9/10 – The last picture isn't on the beach; we just wanted to include it since we really like bubbles...

11) Taylor Swift aka @taylorswift

And the leggy pop superstar is on our list! Her IG game, just like her career, is definitely rockin'!

Selfie Game: 8/10 – #KangarooSelfies, bros. Make it trend!

Viral Videos: 8/10 – There's nothing sexier than a woman in charge.

Witty Captions: 9/10 – Can we just say that she is such an adorable human being?

Beach Pics: 8/10 – We don't know if this is entirely cheating because it's a photo shoot, but she still looks damn hot.

12) Candice Swanepoel aka @angelcandices

A fun blonde beach girl who has hot and fun beach friends. You're crazy not to be following this girl!

Selfie Game: 9/10 – Blue is definitely the hottest color when she's around.

Gym Gains: N/A  Again, surprisingly no gym pics. Come on, Candice. Show us your secrets!

Viral Videos: 9/10 – When the slow-motion feature becomes the best invention ever created by man...

Witty Captions: 7/10 – We couldn't agree more!

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Best entertainment ever! ???????????? #saltybirdsurf

A photo posted by Candice Swanepoel (@angelcandices) on

Beach Pics: 10/10 – We volunteer as lotion appliers!

13) Andrea Torres aka @andreatorres

She placed second on this year's FHM 100 Sexiest Women, so we're pretty sure she'll do amazing here, too!

Selfie Game: 8/10 – Andrea has many faces; all spectacularly beautiful, with or without makeup!

Gym Gains: 7/10 – We think we could all agree that it’s a lot more fun to watch Andrea squatting than doing it ourselves.

Viral Videos: 8/10 – Shaking what your momma gave you! Now, that's dancing.

Witty Captions: 7/10 – Oh my, she's just sooo cute and sweet.

Beach Pics: 9/10 – As expected, her body is the bomb! Plus points for handling the heavy machinery!

Ella Cruz aka @itsellacruz

This feisty dancing belle has been producing sizzling dance videos throughout this year. Why aren’t you following her yet?!

Selfie Game: 8/10 – Whether it's showing her cute side or her swag, Ella knows how to grab your attention.

Gym Gains: 6/10 – We've seldom seen her at the gym, but she has to be doing something to maintain that nice figure of hers!

Viral Videos: 10/10 – We'd love to have Ella as a teammate in butt-spelling competitions.

Witty Captions 6/10 – Mostly hip-hop terms we don’t quite understand, and cool emojis millennials use!

Beach Pics – N/A – We think you've been staying inside the dance studio for way too long, Ella. How about basking in the summer sun once in a while? Dancing on a beach luau is awesome, too!

15) Jessy Mendiola aka @senorita_jessy

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Tanduay's 2016 Calendar Girl has been making buzz online with her bikini-ready body and sassy captions.

Selfie Game: 8/10 – Okay, for half a face you only get half the points, Jessie. Just kidding, this girl has some of the classiest selfies you'll ever see.

Gym Gains: 5/10 – Okay Jessy, we know you have a great body, but those hoodies aren't showing off your guns! Also, you might want to go closer to the mirror next time. We could barely tell it was you.

Videos: 7/10 – While most of her videos are copies of her commercials, we found one of her InstaShots and all we have to say is, "That laugh…hay."

Witty Captions: 10/10 – "Ok na?" Of course we can't forget this awesome burn to all her haters who say her pictures were Photoshopped. Nice one, Jessie!

Beach Pics: 9/10 – This was the photo. Come on guys, you can't Photoshop a bikini bod like that.


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