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The Idea Book

<p>Switch on your light bulb on!</p>
| Aug 27, 2009
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The Idea Book seeks to rekindly the creativity in you. Locally launched just this August, The Idea Book is the creation of Swede author Fredrick Haren, considered to be one of the top figures in the field of creativity. The book is a collection of stories that Haren has collected from his travels and his talks.

Flip through its 300-or-so pages and you'll notice that many of them are blank. That's because 150 pages are left empty just for you to put your own ideas in. Think of it as a challenge for you to rethink your creative process and in doing so, find and harvest new ideas, which, as the book says, don't just appear out of nowhere. They have to be coaxed out of hiding.

The book's inspiring easy-to-read sections, creativity exercises, and the empty pages all work together to squeeze, or rather, to make you realize that you are a naturally creative individual. You just have to inspire and motivate yourself.—Gelo Gonazales

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