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The Internet Had A Field Day With Trump's Win

All the memes you need to see about America's new prez!
by John Paulo Aguilera | Nov 9, 2016
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The votes are in, and Donald J. Trump is the new president of the United States of America.

The businessman-turned-reality TV star became the 45th US president after edging Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, who eventually conceded defeat before election day ended.

And while news outfits have gotten restless thinking of headlines that can describe the shocking outcome, netizens were as anxious in expressing their thoughts on the national polls—through the most creative and hilarious memes.

In light of this, FHM curates the best ones to, hopefully, make the situation seem less dire (We hope):

Now, a third term for this man doesn't sound too crazy

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And because the new prez is very particular with skin color

The world is basically turning into a one, big video game

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Even the Grey Cardinal is quite amused

With that in mind, imagine how epic the next APEC Summit...

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This is the final straw; The Simpsons should stop prophesying world events

The Golden State Warriors 2016 NBA Finals collapse is officially the new Crying Jordan

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You've truly outdone yourself, 'Murrica

Of course, that anime reference would turn up with his outrageous plan to build a wall

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Trump's win brings back a few memories (if only Clinton had been hired in the first place)

He should be careful, though

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In the words of Kevin Garnett, 'Anything is possible!'


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