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The Most Hilarious Lodi, Werpa, And Petmalu Memes Right Now

People just won't stop! Werpa!
by Khatrina Bonagua | Oct 19, 2017
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Last week, the online world was #shookt after finding out the meanings of viral terms lodi, werpa, petmalu, and more. Kids of today have actually been talking this way on the internet for quite awhile now, but those who weren't aware of their existence were surprised and entertained because it reminded them of the way people spoke back in the jeproks days.

(Brush up on your millennial vocab right here: WTF Do Lodi, Werpa, And Petmalu Really Mean Anyway?)

FYI, the now-popular language is prevalent in Facebook food group What’s Your Ulam, Pare?where members can share a photo of the food they're currently eating together with a witty caption that's usually composed using these slang terms. In fact, participants have already hailed their so-called Kween Lodi, and it's none other than comedian Ai-Ai Delas Alas, an active member whose command of the language is quite impressive. Werpa!

Her hilarious (and honest) posts nare capable of inducing riotous laughter, entertaining this growing online community.

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Here are some screenshots:

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(You can see more posts by joining this group through this link.)

More werpa, Kween Lodi!


Of course, netizens just had to make fun of these new millennial terms, too. Here are the most amusing ones we've encountered so far:


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