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The Most Savage Reactions To Pres. Spox Harry Roque Riding The MRT

Publicity stunt or public service?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Nov 23, 2017
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Earlier today, Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque rode the MRT-3 and LRT-1 on the way to Malacañang.

He was accompanied by reporters and train guards all throughout his ride, as seen on this Twitter thread by Rappler.

During the MRT-3 ride, Roque had the chance to ask passengers about their daily commuting experiences.

On the other hand, while on the LRT-1, security personnel prohibited commuters from entering the carriage where Roque was in.

According to the reports, the Presidential Spokesperson did this to “personally experience and know first hand” what it’s like to ride the LRT and MRT. He also said that he’ll ride the train once a week to experience the public’s commuting struggles.


Of course, netizens quickly shared their reactions on Twitter.

Riding the train but with ‘special treatment?’ Defeats the purpose for some

For most, this was just a publicity stunt

While others have zero chill

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