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The Philippines According to Zo Duro!

Happy national heroes day!
by Mikey Agulto | Aug 29, 2011
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“Love yourself,” Zoe Durealt wrote in the document of thoughts we had asked her to write when she visited Manila last July; she was here to experience the FHM 100 Sexiest Party.

We asked her to write down her thoughts, experiences, observations, and rememberings of her whole trip, and what turned out was a testament to Pinoys having a pretty good life.

Sure, the media will have us believe we’re poor and hungry and all that, and yes, we see that and feel that to be true, too. But somewhere in our bleak pathetic lives, are awesome things we may have become blinded to; some great things we don’t see anymore.

Zoe’s observations about us Pinoys and how we are bring to front some of those things. Here are 15 Awesome Things you might have forgotten about you, Mamang Pinoy! Yesterday is National Heroes Day, it’s time we feel like heroes ourselves don’t you think? Mabuhay ka!

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