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The Pros of Graduating into the Real World

<p>Can't wait for graduation day!</p>
by Mikey Agulto | Mar 22, 2011
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See, we’re having a problem with graduates and their notion of what the real world is like. The thing is, life after college is not entirely apocalyptic as they think, if at all.

In fact, we can think of more than one reason why fright must not trump encouragement.  Student life sure is a blast, but the real world is bigger, bolder, and if you play your cards right, better.

You’ll have to work hard to land a job, and soon. It’ll not be up to you at times, but do believe it when we say that the pros far outweigh the cons. Consider this as our version of an awesome commencement speech and behold what’s about to come to you:

Yay, Money!
Living off your hard earned salary is of course, bittersweet. Good news is you can make things happen for yourself without the monetary support of your folks. Also good is that newfound perspective on money and finances, and independence. All that and you can still pull off that beach vacation or second hand car, as long as you venture into the thrifty path.

True wisdom and true grit
It’s not always peaches and roses, but most times it’s awesome to gain that much-needed experience from the pros. They are the big shots; the wise ones who make it look easy and whom you will emulate to get through the larger than life premise of the corporate industry. Find these mentors that will educate you for what’s to come, including the occasional office obstacles.

The clothes that make da man
It feels good to look good, that much is sure. The real world will humble you in more ways than you can imagine, so it pays to have one thing you know you did right: your porma. The liberty to dress up, suit up even, is a bliss most students weren’t able to live out while still in school. Some jobs still require you to wear a uniform, but you can always invest on good clothes come payday.

The freebies
It also helps that being an employee almost guarantees you your fair share of rewards, be it health benefits for you and your dependents, car loans, or even housing loans. As long as you remain a good office member, companies will hook you up with the things that matter later on in life. It’s the least of your concerns right now, but you’ll find it awesome someday.

New buddies, new spots, and new babes
It’s self-explanatory, really. You’ll find that the premises of Makati, Ortigas, and Taguig doesn’t cater to corporate buildings and establishments alone; it is also home to some of most renowned inumans and gimikans in the urban areas, to which you and your newly befriended buddies can discover together. Bond by drinking and, if you're single, spotting them chicks.

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