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The RKO Out Of Nowhere Meme Is Far From Over!

Be always on guard! Randy Orton is on the hunt for his next victim!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Oct 22, 2014
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Last week, we caught a glimpse of a loosely edited video of WWE Superstar Randy Orton performing his signature move, the RKO, on random people. And man, was it hilarious!

Here's a sample GIF:

For the uninitiated, this is what a real RKO looks like:

Video via WWE

A week after Orton dominated the Interwebs, the meme (or the meme maker, steveozzi, of course) somehow got hold of the Viper's resiliency and gave us another batch of videos!

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This is far from over, people. Below are our favorite RKOs!

The one where the Viper slithers his way to deliver his signature finisher

The one where he RKOs someone off a cliff

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The one where he puts this skater boy to sleep

Man, he's such a skater hater

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The one where John "Bradshaw" Layfield joins the fray!

The one where Shawn Michaels steals Orton's thunder!

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And because we're big fans of the Heart Break Kid, here's another...

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