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Inside The Scariest Haunted House Ever

Warning: Demonic pig-faced creatures up ahead!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Oct 14, 2015
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Horror houses are built to test your bravado and see how much fear you can take before finally succumbing to the staged nightmare happening in front of you, making you instinctively rush towards the exit while screaming "Moooommmy!"

Well, at least that's the idea.

Sadly, almost all horror houses we've encountered fell short of our expectations. We're not saying that we're a bunch of fearless mofos, it just so happens that recorded shrieks, cardboard coffins with lame mummies inside, and zombies that look like your buddy everytime he's having a bad hangover just won't cut it. People already know it's scripted, so there's no way they would be scared shitless.

But what if you remove all those fakeries and replace them with murderous, machete-weilding pig-faced people that are out to make sisig out of your mug:

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"Just a promo," you say? Here's a glimpse of the real horror inside:

The 17th Door Haunted House in Tustin, California is reportedly so scary that you'll need to sign a waiver before they can allow you to enter—acknowledging that the management will not be liable if ever your soul suddenly leaves your body while you're still inside the premises.  

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Here's a peek of what will happen if ever you get the chance (and the courage) to enter the famed horror house:

In fact, the teaser above was so grotesque, they needed to make a less, uhm, scary version. That or they got word from PETA because of all those realistic piglets getting beheaded and mutilated.

Man, just imagine those pig-faced freaks touching you. You'll definitely say no to liempo and crispy pata for weeks!

According to its official website, the story of the 17th Door revolves around a Glutirre University freshie named Paula. The school has a dark and troubling secret, and Paula would like to share it with you. That is if you're not afraid to join her in a campus tour that's filled with frozen lockers, nightmarish corridors, and maniacal demons.

Hey, Star City, Enchanted Kingdom, and the rest, we want one like this here (yes, we'd like to think we have the balls to handle it). But please, no piglets, okay?

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