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The Sour Taste of Sucess

Armpits, bulbol, cat farts—the alphabet of shame
by Ronjay Eduvas | Oct 3, 2012
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My nephew and I, together with a friend, were playing 3-on-3 basketball and were way up on points when our opponents decided to play a little dirty. We found it hard to score from that point so we decided to play the same way they did. As I drove down the lane to the hoop, my defender raised his arms straight up; then I pivoted and went face first into his armpit. The smell was really horrible and I was unfortunate enough to get some of his perspiration inside my mouth. Believe me the taste was a bit salty really.

It was an awkward moment. Para di naman nakakahiya I just brushed it off, di naman sadya. We went on to win the game although I became the laughing stock of our team afterward.
Dennis Rossi by email

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