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This Is What The World's 'Most Beautiful Vagina' Looks Like

This is neither a trap nor a super-delayed April Fool's joke. Swear.
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Aug 10, 2015
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Last month, the maker of sex toy "Autoblow 2," a pleasure gadget that simulates oral sex, held a contest in search of the world's most beautiful vagina.

Yes, you read that right; someone started a competition to find the world's most aesthetically-pleasing vajayjay. The purpose was to find the vagina upon which the company's new sex toy will be based, a product that aims to replicate the experience of the real thing (think Fleshlight 2.0). The winner will not only get her thang immortalized, she will also receive the $5,000 grand prize (around P250,000).

Participants were asked to submit their "entries" to this link while members of the site were asked to rate each entry. The submitted lady parts, all 185 of them, were eventually seen and rated by 134,707 people over a one-month voting period. The grand winner was finally unveiled last July 25: Nelle, 27, from the United Kingdom.

Here's is our artist's rendition of her winning snap:

GIF via

Nelle's vagina scored an impressive 7.7 average, edging runner-ups Jenny from Germany and Anita from Hungary, who both had a 7.3 average.

In an interview with, Nelle was prudent about her victory, "I still do not believe I have a special vagina," she said. "I happen to have the best picture of my vagina. That's it. It's nothing less, it's nothing more." Congratulations, madam!

And now the reason why you're really here, and juuust before we run out of vagina synonyms (Punani! Coochie!), CLICK HERE to view the "World's Most Beautiful Vagina" and the rest of the contest entries (WARNING: It's extremely NSFW!).

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