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The Yellow Pages are now online

<p>Looking for lechon has never been easier</p>
| Dec 15, 2009
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How long has it been since you opened your phone directory to look for, say a supplier for your business? For some of you, the answer could understandably be “never.” [firstpara] What with the power of Google and other search engines, we could say we’ve never really needed to flip open those crusty, ancient Yellow Pages.

In the days to come though, we’d be smart to re-associate ourselves with it. No, not with the actual books that measure a couple of inches or so; but with the more modern versions. Just last December 11, Directories Philippines Corporation (DPC) re-launched the online version of the Yellow Pages, which is located at, as well as their mobile-capable portals, which can be accessed through any Internet-capable mobile phone.

According to DPC, unlike Google or Yahoo, is a smarter way for consumers to look for their needs. Says Ms. Edna Villena, DPC’s VP for Marketing, “Unlike the general search engines, which give thousands of generic search results, DPC Yellow Pages provides localized and specific information anytime, anywhere. Search results can also be limited to specific locations such as streets, buildings or malls making the search experience more locally reliable.

So as powerful as Google is, the advantage of is that its database is composed of a ton of relevant businesses that are located locally, many of which might not even get listed in the general search engines. For instance, if you’re looking for the best lechon supplier for a party or a company that rents out audio systems in your area, you surely will be better off looking for it in the online Yellow Pages rather than Google.

DPC’s slogan tells us to never underestimate the power of our fingers. Now though we won’t be flipping pages more than we’ll be clicking our computer mouse.

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