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These Filipinos Believe The Earth Is Flat (And The Internet Isn't Having It)

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by Andrei Medina | Jan 8, 2018
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It’s 2018, but apparently, there’s a group of Pinoys who still hold on to a bizarre belief that’d make even the great Greek philosopher Aristotle turn in his grave.

Like their group name suggests, the Philippine Flat Earth Society (PFES) believes that the Earth is, err, flat. The group recently became the subject of online discourse after a post from the MSN page highlighted their outlandish idea about our planet’s geographical features.

According to MSN, PFES members also think that NASA and other leading space agencies are tricking the public into believing that the world is round.

With these kinds of outrageous claims, it didn’t take long for some woke netizens to start chiming in on the issue. Check out these hilarious reactions on social media:

Don’t do it!


Starting the year with some savagery

This troll infiltrated PFES

And this is what happened after

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Maybe these so-called flat-Earthers just need some goodies


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