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6 Suggestions For The Proposed Duterte Vs. Roxas Slapfest

Just so this political palm joust won't get out of hand.
by John Paulo Aguilera | Dec 16, 2015
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These days, the way to settle political bickering has gone from intelligent debates to hapless slapfests.

Presidential bets Rodrigo Duterte and Mar Roxas are currently trading barbs and threats of palm combat. This has given the media something to throw around during slow news days and has also turned off members of the electorate.

The proposed (open-)fistfight eventually developed into an invitation for actual fisticuffs and a gun duel following separate interviews from the two camps. Duterte has since denied challenging Roxas to a shootout. The Davao City Mayor even welcomed the idea of making amends with his rival.

But if ever the two decide to push through with their slap-tastic scuffle, FHM has a few suggestions on how to make the palm joust a little more systematic.


1) Tattooed dudes slap fighting

The loser gets an ink of the winner's face on his chest.

2) Indian slap fighting

It'll be the closest they will come to an actual brawl.

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3) Hand slap game

The redder, the better.


4) Boob slapping?

Even we are wondering how.

5) Fronthand backhand

But who gets to be the dumb one?

6) Slapjack

...using hands as big as that of the Buddhist Palm in Kung Fu Hustle.


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