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7 Things Semi-Gwapo Guys Should Stop Doing

Some days you just have to leave it to the handsome man—and that’s just fine.
by Pong Castillo | Dec 7, 2015
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Let's make one thing clear: It is perfectly fine to be semi-gwapo.

Dissect the term and it could simply mean being partly or half-gwapo, right? If you admittedly fall under the category, fret not! Don't lose hope in the dating game because this only leaves you more room to be something else, which could be your ultimate saving grace! Semi-gwapo and semi-talentado? Or semi-gwapo and semi-romantiko? The key is to make up for the thing you think you lack with a trait that can help you score.

You could be all those at once, sure, but there are still certain moves and tricks you must accept won't work for the semi-gwapo Juan that is you. "Matutong lumugar ayon sa kagwapuhan," as the saying goes.

If you're only semi-gwapo, leave the things below to the full-fledged gwapings and trust that it will earn you extra pogi points for doing so.

1) Donning the GGSS Starter Pack

That's the "Gwapong, Gwapo Sa Sarili Starter Pack," noob. We appreciate your efforts to go with the trends in fashion, but you must stick with what looks good on you. Wearing the same stuff as your truly gwaping friends with will make you stick out—for all the wrong reasons.

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2) Take it easy on the #Selfie

We can only tolerate so many selfies in a day, apart from all the food porn and hip, low-saturated snaps online. If you want to increase a woman's interest in you and lower people's annoyance level by heaps, limit your selfies to one to two a month and keep 'em artsy, Insta-likable posts coming instead. Remember, the number of "likes" on your selfie post is a clear indicator of your sex appeal or the lack thereof, so keep your selfie game strong during that time of the month.

3) Making rugged happen

Before you decide to keep that stubble or grow your hair long in a man bun, you must take into consideration that not all Juans can pull a dirty, sexy look like Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Carribean. Ever heard of the compliment, "mukhang mabango"? Aim for that instead of having someone label you otherwise (a.k.a. "mukhang hindi naligo," or "mukhang maasim") because of a failed attempt to look nice rugged. Good hygiene = pogi points!


4) Being Mr. Banidoso

Yes, it's good to excuse yourself to the comfort room after a dinner date to clear your pearly whites of possible food remnants. What you should avoid is checking yourself in the mirror, or any reflective surface you pass by, one too many times fixing your hair or simply admire whatever it is you’re seeing. Relax, you got it all together, bro.

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5) Talking the talk

This applies to all types of men and women across the board: If you are good at something, let your work do all the talking. Cases in point: "Ay, ang gwapo niya maglaro ng basketball!" or "Sobrang hot niya tumugtog ng gitara!" No need to pander!

6) Dropping douchey pickup line

You: "Chicharon ka ba?" Girl: "No..."  *walks away *

7) Being too timid

Mr. Pogi gets all the attention without even asking for it, but for the semi-gwapo, actions always speak louder than words. Don't be shy, approach a girl. Stay friendly. Show some personality and win at being Mr. Congeniality. This is the part where you step up your game and pull out the Funny, Witty, and Gentleman cards. After all, everyone has coined this generation of funnymen as the new breed of pogi.

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