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8 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Today's Birthday Boy, Pope Francis

Join us as we pay homage to today's holiest birthday boy, Pope Francis!
by Mikey Agulto | Dec 17, 2014
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FHM Nation, let's all greet Pope Francis a happy, happy birthday! Today, December 17, the birthday boy turns 78.

And because we here at Summit Media like His Holiness a great deal, we've decided to give him the best birthday present ever, courtesy of the all-new Our Pope magazine!

Pope Francis

Read more about Pope Francis in this special commemorative edition that's got everything Pope-related covered—from his childhood to papacy, his most heartwarming moments in photos, his favorite meals, his official tailors and clothing, his many Swiss guards, gifts, and fans, and his upcoming Manila visit, just to name a few.

Everything you need to know about the pope is here. In fact, upon browsing this magazine, we were surprised to find out that...

He speaks Italian, French, and German fluently.
The Pope understands Piedmontese, the language in Northwest Italy, where his relatives were from before they moved to Argentina to avoid the economic hardships and the remaining tensions of post-World War II.

Pope Francis

He began working as early as age 13.
Pope Francis used to spend his summer vacations cleaning the offices of the accounting firm where his father once worked. "I am so grateful that my father sent me to work," says the Pope. "Work was one of the best things I did in life. I learned the seriousness of work and the good and bad things of every human task."

Pope FrancisPhoto via

He grew up listening to operas.
"Every Saturday at 2 p.m., we sat around our set and listened to operas," he reveals. "My mom kept us attentive, especially in the developments, by explaining to us what was happening. Being with them and enjoying art was beautiful."

Video via TheWickedNorth

He only gets about five hours of sleep every night.
Pope Francis stays awake past the midnight mass and wakes up without an alarm at 4 a.m. He compensates for this by taking a 40-minute siesta every day.

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Pope FrancisPhoto via

He, too, had a girlfriend once.
"She was part of the group of friends I went out and danced with," he points out. "I ended my dating life when I discovered my religious calling."

Pope FrancisPhoto via

In the event of a fire, the first thing he would save is his planner. The Pope's planner has all his addresses, phone numbers, and commitments. He also says that he would do anything to save his liturgical prayer book. "It's the first thing I open in the morning and the last thing I close before I go to bed," he explains.

Pope FrancisPhoto via

He likes Italian neorealist films and those starring Argentine actress Tita Merello.
His favorite films include Lucas Demare's Los Isleros (1951), Gabriel Axel's La Fiesta de Babette (1987), and Alejandro Doria's Esperando la Carroza (1985).

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