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The Most Hilarious Rebuttals To A Netizen Correcting ThinkingPinoy's Use Of Idioms

These comments just gave us cancer
by FHM Staff | Jan 17, 2018
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This is a perfect example of why arguing on social media can get very toxic.

On Monday, in the heat of the Rappler rulingThinkingPinoy posted about embattled CEO Maria Ressa. The Facebook page (or blog—whatever) questioned the "independen(ce)" of the Omidyar Network-funded news website and its "economical and editorial decisions."

Shortly after, a netizen pointed out TP's slightly wrong idiom, which if correctly written, should have read "lied through her teeth."

He tried to be reasonable while acknowledging those doubting his intentions, but was met with more negative comments. The result was an exchange that was both cringeworthy and hilarious.

You can't make this shit up: 

We care! The public cares!

Nakaka-tense ka, 'teh!

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This comment just gave us cancer

The Americans will beg to differ


'Yes, Master TP! You are never wrong!'

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When you can't even spell "DAFUQ" right:

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When all else fails, pull the English-as-a-foreign-language card

Hindi pwede, sorry...

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Once a caveman, always a caveman

Your money is of no value here


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