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This Endless Shampoo Beach Prank Is Both Cruel And Sexy

Summer #PrankGoals!
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Jan 27, 2016
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The endless shampoo prank is one of the simplest and funniest pranks man has ever invented. It's not complicated, is relatively safe, and is funny as hell if done right.

Remember this hapless dude?

All you need is one bottle of the staple hair care product, running shower, and an unsuspecting victim that's about to rinse his/her hair. Ninja-like walking skills also increase your chances of pulling this awesome prank off.

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And where can you find tons of open showers with lots of potential victims just waiting to get punked? The beach, of course!


Pranksters of YouTube channel Hooman TV thought of giving this popular prank a sexy twist. Their plan: Hit the shores armed with cameras and bottles of shampoo, target pretty girls who are washing their hair, repeatedly put generous amounts of shampoo on their heads, and have them rinse it off over and over again until they go crazy AF.

So, how did it go? Let this GIF serve as a preview:

Check out the full video below (we know you want to):

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Warning: The clip you're about to see contains lots profanity and OMGs.

Man, that was both cruel and sexy. They're lucky none of the women's boyfriends caught them in the act!

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