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This Job Lets You Earn $17,000 By Lying Down For 2 Months

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by Andrei Medina | Apr 5, 2017
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If you want to earn around $17,000 (roughly P850,000) in just two months then look no further.

A French space medical institute is searching for 24 able-bodied men who can take on the extremely daunting task of lying down for 60 days straight.

According to NY Daily News, researchers aim to study the effects of microgravity on the body with this experiment.

But getting the job won’t be a piece of cake. The experiment first and foremost has the following requirements set for aspiring test subjects:

- 20 to 45 years old
- have a body index between 22 and 27
- a non-smoker
- no allergies

If you’ve managed to meet all these requirements, you might want to think of what you’ll actually be doing for those two months.


Experiment organizer Dr. Arnuad Beck said that accepted participants will only undergo a series of tests and measurements for the first two weeks.

But it gets really challenging after this as participants will be asked to do their daily thing for the next two months—while in bed.

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Beck said that as a general rule, one of your shoulders must always remain in contact with the bed. This means you’ll have to eat, take a bath, and do other stuff while lying down. The thing is, you might even be asked to poop in this state so how do you do that with one of your shoulders stuck to a bed?

It doesn’t seem so easy now does it? At least the successful participants will be paid well after. Their efforts will also be used to study new health findings which will be beneficial for the astronauts sent into space in the near future.

Here’s a short video which explains why they are paying so much for additional study on microgravity’s effects on the body.


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