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A Brief Timeline Of The Leni And Rody Drama

Chronicling some pertinent events leading up to Robredo's resignation
by Andrei Medina | Dec 5, 2016
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On Monday, December 5, Vice President Leni Robredo officially handed her resignation from President Rodrigo Duterte’s Cabinet.

The vice president’s camp already publicized the move the previous day and said this was all due to Duterte’s directive for her to desist attending all Cabinet meetings.


The Palace for its part confirmed the directive and said this was over irreconcilable differences that have developed between Duterte and Robredo.

However, the issues dividing the country’s top two officials didn’t just happen overnight. How did we get here?

Let’s take a look at the events that occurred, which led to Robredo’s resignation:

On June 30, Robredo took her oath as the 14th vice president of the Philippines.

Although she won and is still technically the second highest official of the land, Robredo is part of the former ruling Liberal Party (LP) that has now been reduced to a minor political force.

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Due to her affiliation with the opposing LP, Duterte stated that he won’t be giving Robredo a Cabinet position, which ensued in the following exchange:

The two were then first publicly spotted together during the turnover ceremony of the Armed Forces of the Philippines in July where they were all smiles in their initial meeting.

A few days after, Duterte made headlines when he called up Robredo during a press conference and offered her to be the administration’s Housing Secretary.

Robredo gracefully accepted the position and was sworn to office on the same month.

Both officials then started to work together with Robredo joining Cabinet meetings and we thought it was all good for the first few months.

However, things started going sour between them following certain issues involving Duterte’s treatment of women and his stand on the Marcos burial.


On November 8, Duterte publicly teased Robredo on her supposed boyfriend and how he ogled her legs during Cabinet meetings.

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Robredo for her part was once again all smiles during the event, but later on issued a statement as quoted by CNN Philippines a day after expressing her disapproval of Duterte’s actions.

“Tasteless remarks and inappropriate advances against women should have no place in our society. We should expect that most of all from our leaders,” Robredo said.

Their disagreement was most apparent following the hasty burial of former president Ferdinand Marcos in November 18, which was approved by Duterte but strongly opposed by Robredo.


This brings us back to Sunday, December 4, a day before Robredo resigned from her Cabinet post. Before doing so, she exposed the issues wherein she and the president failed to agree.

What happens next, only time will tell.


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