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Tina Wells - October 2010 FHM Online Babe

This pretty young thing is quite the day-maker

by Mikey Agulto | Oct 1, 2010
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Saturday night saw Tina Wells, in all of her bikini glory, flaunt her flawless legs and female curves for the entire Dutdutan crowd to see.

Saturday night also saw Miss Wells here showing some love that gave one banana the tag, The Luckiest Banana in the world. Needless to say, Saturday night saw Tina win the Tribal Bikini Open contest.

Five days later, Tina shows the same goods, this time with the photographer clicking in bunches and the FHM crew watching from a corner.

Shooting on a construction site, one of the men-at-work approached usand identified the model with pure conviction: “Si Tina Wells pala shinu-shoot niyo,” he says. Later, we learn that some of them attended the Dutdutan event.

For a job that mostly involves paint, plywood, and a pool of macho men, Tina Wells is a nice change of scene for these gentlemen, who kept their screaming exhilaration in check and their ogling to a minimum.

Conversing with the lady also made us discover that this Irish-Latina mestiza is no different from how we act and talk (she gets and laughs at our jokes) and given the chance could probably do construction with the guys too. We mean: We found a half-breed of a babe with the Pinay culture prevailing over the other.

That day saw several men’s day made, and an October made awesome, thanks to Tina Wells.

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Growing up a mestiza, did you have a hard time fitting in with other Pinoy kids?
Yes, lagi akong tinutukso na mestisang hilaw, o kaya anak-araw, kasi yung hair ko before sobrang light siya tsaka sobrang maputi ako. Minsan umiiyak ako kasi hindi ko alam kung anong ibig sabihin noon.

But have you always been cultured the same way as we are?
Oo, ever since naman. Best friend ko at mga kaibigan ko sobrang Pinoy. Yung environment ko sinusunod namin culture ng mga Pilipino kasi wala naman kaming alam sa culture ng dad ko.

When did the teasing stop?
Nung patapos na ng high school, doon ko na naisip na mag-ayos. Kasi dati talaga hindi ako nag-aayos. Never akong nag-comb ng hair, tinatali ko lang hair ko. Sobrang mahiyain ako – papasok at lalabas ako ng school na laging nakatakip mukha ko ng hankie. Kasi lagi akong tinititigan ng mga tao.

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