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Today In WTF News: Man With The World's Longest Penis Isn't As Happy As You Would Think

Guess how long his schlong is.
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Sep 3, 2015
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Fifty-two-year-old Mexican Robert Esquivel Cabrera has a penis that's 48.2 centimeters (around 19 inches) long and a glans whose circumference is 25 centimeters (around 10 inches). To put it mildly, that's huge.

Here's a photo of the darned thing bulging around Cabrera's pants:

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For most men, having such a huge penis seems like a dream-come-true. But for Cabrera, it has been nothing but a nightmare. Mexican newspaper Vanguardia—the first to report the news—said that he hasn't exactly been living the life of a real-life pornstar. He can't get a job or a girlfriend. Offices are turning him down because he's seen more as a freak rather than a symbol of masculinity. He can't get laid because women are scared of him. He has even made an appeal to the government to categorize him as disabled because of his unfortunate condition. If his appeal gets approved, he'd be eligible for welfare services.

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Cabrera has also made an appeal to the Guinness Book of World Records to formally name him as the guy with the world's largest penis, which would net him a sizable prize. But as Daily Star reports, there is currently no such category, and Cabrera will have to look elsewhere for monetary assistance.

Perhaps, the adult video industry can help?

You can check out the news report below for more. (Don't forget to switch on the subtitles.)

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