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10 TNL Bits in The Best of Chico-and-Delamar's The Morning Rush Top 10

How to be a dude according to Chico and Delamar's new book
by Gelo Gonzales | Dec 9, 2011
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FHM says: Ang tunay na lalake, hindi marunong magtago ng sikreto
From the list “Date Quotes”:

I was trying to flirt with my date, so I told him, “I wanna see what you’re hiding between your legs…” He got this panicked look and said: “Alin, ‘yung hadhad?” –GRETCH

FHM says: Ang tunay na lalake, hindi nanonood ng cartoons tungkol sa mga hayop na nagsasalita
From the list “Funny Friend Quotes”:

We were talking about animated films when a friend said: “Teka, teka, sino ba’ng hinahanap sa Finding Nemo?” –SCRAMBLEDEGG

FHM says: Ang tunay na lalake, kabisado ang mga bagay na dapat kinakapitan
From the list “Family Quotes”:

My niece to her dad’s boss: “Si Daddy ‘pag natutulog, laging nakahawak sa dodo ni Mommy!” –YOUR HIGHNESS

FHM says: Ang tunay na lalake, laging may “skid marks”
From the list “Old People Quotes”:

DOCTOR: “I’ll need samples of your stool, urine and sperm.” LOLO: “Ano daw?” LOLA: “Basta ibigay mo nalang yung ‘brip mo, nandyan na lahat!” –FEBKINSE

FHM says: Ang tunay na lalake, hindi mapili sa kinakain
From the list “Quotes from Foreigners”:

I was doing research on urban planning in the slums of Manila with an American classmate. In Malabon, we interviewed a man who was complaining about their squalid conditions. My classmate asked: “What do you do when you don’t have any money for food?” Struggling with English, the poor man replied: “Sir, sometimes we just eat pussy.” (Meaning they ate stray cats.) –JERGUIN22

FHM says: Ang tunay na lalake, praktikal lang.
From the list “Unforgettable things your father has said to you”:

“Anak, mas mura ang condom, kesa diaper.” –VIMAGO

FHM says: Ang tunay na lalake, deretsahan.
From the list “Worst ways to ask someone out”:

”Teh, date tayo!”—MCMAKI

FHM says: Ang tunay na lalaki, walang load.
From the list “Signs you’re a poser:”

"Naka iPhone ka nga, lagi ka namang walang load."—BLAIR

FHM says: Ang tunay na lalaki, mahilig mang-surpresa.
From the list “Moments when a family member embarrassed you”:

"During my tito’s wedding, when it was time for the speeches, my lolo said to my tito’s new wife: “Alam mo hija, nagulat kami’ng ikaw ang pinakasalan ng anak naming, eh. Hindi kasi ikaw ‘yung inuuwi niya sa bahay…” –SCHIVOKANDA

FHM says: Ang tunay na lalaki, nagbabasa ng mga libro may kinalaman sa pagiging tunay na lalaki.
From the list “Ways to complete the Statement ‘Ang Tunay na Lalaki’”:

”Ang tunay na lalaki, ‘di makakuha ng tama sa mga showbiz blind items.” —CRASH ZEALOT

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