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#ToyCon2014: The Toys That Made Us Wish We Were Really, Really Rich!

Another ToyCon, another three days of our savings hanging on for dear life
by Mikey Agulto | Jun 23, 2014
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FHM Nation, who among you went to ToyCon 2014 last weekend? We bet your savings are hanging on for dear life right now, huh?

Having said that, we can't really blame you. This year's convention had some of the rarest and most kick-ass set of toys and figurines we've ever seen, and we'd be fools not to place dibs on those Star Wars and Batman action figures. Anyone can literally walk in there and find something worth purchasing. We're telling you, every damn thing was pretty much a must-buy!

Want to see the best of 'em? Below are the ones that made us wish we were really, really rich!

If you have a little brat who won't stop sobbing and screaming unless you buy him an action figure, you should probably get him this creepy-looking Chuckie doll. Your kid needs to learn his lesson, you know.


You're not a culture vulture like the rest of your mates, and we know you're sick and tired of feeling inferior whenever you guys talk about movies and TV shows. But if you get yourself this super gross Tortuga figure from Breaking Bad, you'll get their respect.


That officemate who accidentally spoiled the ending of the season finale of Game of Thrones deserves a grim stare from you, so go buy this awesome Tyrion Lannister mask and give him a piece of your mind.


If you have a young nephew who has no idea who the Eraserheads are, please change his life forever by introducing him to the greatest Pinoy band ever, courtesy of these vinyl collectibles. 


If you have a lolo who collects miniature Coke bottles at home, make him green with envy by starting a Coke bottle collection of your own...except yours would look waaaay trippier!


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