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CAUGHT ON CAM: Traffic Officer Gets Mauled By Jeepney Driver

This is not how you react to traffic violations.
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Oct 14, 2015
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As if Metro Manila traffic isn't bad enough, it looks like we're now having total anarchy on the streets.

Yesterday, October 13, a disturbing video of a jeepney driver beating a uniformed traffic officer was caught on cam and was uploaded on Facebook. It didn't take long before it made rounds on social media and reached viral status.


A Traffic Ranger was assaulted by a PUJ Driver

On or about 1500H today, October 13, 2015. A Traffic Ranger Isabelo Rodavia was assaulted by a PUJ Driver with a Registration Plate Number TWX 106 at QMR-East Avenue. Video courtesy by: Jerson Guerrero, a concerned citizen.Commonwealth cor. Quezon Memorial Rotunda (QC Circle), sinita ni Isabelo Rodavia (Traffic Enforcer) ang driver ng jeep na may plakang TWX106 dahil ito ay nakabara sa kalsada habang nagaabang ng mga pasahero. Tinakbuhan na ng driver ang traffic enforcer pero di na niya ito hinabol. Pag ikot ng traffic enforcer sa QMR-East Ave., Di alam ng traffic enforcer na nasa likod na pala niya ang nasabing jeepney driver, pagbaba ng motor ng traffic enforcer, sinunggaban na sya sa likod at doon na sya ginulpi.

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Posted by Toffee Militar Ligeralde on Tuesday, 13 October 2015

The video was shared by a certain Toffee Militar Ligeralde. On his post he mentioned that moments before the assault, the traffic officerwho was later identified as Isabelo Rodaviareprimanded the jeepney driver (plate number TWX 106) because he was obstructing traffic while waiting for passengers along Commonwealth Avenue. Instead of pulling over to discuss the violation, the driver immediately took off. Rodavia, on the other hand, decided not to pursue.

However, when Rodavia reached East Avenue, he noticed that the jeepney was just behind him. A second after getting off his bike, the officer was immediately tackled and beaten by the enraged driver.

GMA news program Saksi got hold of Mr. Rodavia. Here's his side of the incident:

The police are now looking for the jeepney driver who will face criminal charges.

Watching the video led us to these questions:

- Does society still respect men in uniform?
- There were many bystanders on the area, yet none of them helped the officer or broke up the skirmish. Why?
- Can a criminal really escape with such ease, in broad daylight?
- What if this happened to an armed officer?

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This kind of incident is the last thing we need if we want to make progress with our already abhorrent traffic situation. Though we understand that some of the people governing and enforcing the metro's traffic systems are allegedly corrupt and bashful, keep in mind that there are still trustworthy officers who are doing their duties properly.

Remember to always respect men in uniform, gents—its one simple trait an educated community has!

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