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Why This Train Had Women With Condoms On Their Faces

How would you react if you saw this on your way home?
by Khatrina Bonagua | Jun 29, 2016
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Recently, a group of women aboard the subway during peak hour in Beijing, China, unwrapped packets of condoms and placed them on their faces, arms, and breasts.

The ladies claimed that it was a new beauty regime, with the lubricant on the newly launched ultra-thin condoms supposedly good for their skin. Of course, their fellow commuters took photos, and the images spread all over social media.


The group eventually got off the train after a few stations and stood around the platform area with signs that read "DaXiang Face Masks."

Turns out, their "beauty regimen" had no scientific or medical basis, and that they were just part of a promotional stunt by a Chinese condom maker marketing its new product.


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