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Train your Brain

Think you're smart enough? Try these quizzes and take home original Avengers DVD!
by Ronjay Eduvas | Jul 30, 2012
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Those a bit slow on the uptake might be wondering, “Why do the pages of my favorite rag look scarily like an entrance exam?”

Well, while researching (read: Googling) we came upon a recent study by Dutch psychologist Johann Karremans that found that guys, after simply reading a chick's name on a monitor, fail simple cognitive tests. Simply put, our brains get so distracted by thoughts of the opposite sex that we become stupid at answering even the most basic of questions. We panicked at this—what about our readers, who don't just read hot girl's names, but see them in all their glory on our pages? Who get to read about their naughty exploits? Something must be done.

We care about your mental health as much as your physical well-being. But since we’re better at the latter, we enlisted the help of Mensa Philippines, to help offset the temporary brain drain the lovely ladies on our rag cause. We asked them, smart and all-around good people that they are, what it takes to get our brains into higher gear. They sent us these brain bogglers. Go figure.

And make sure not to skip this exam! The first three readers/overexposed-to-women men who email the correct answers to this quizzes to will be given a very special prize!

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