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A Closer Look At The Faces Lost In Traslacion 2018

In a sea of people, we decide to focus on a few devotees
by Eve Baswel | Jan 10, 2018
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On Tuesday, January 9, over six million attendees (according to the Manila Police District) took part in Traslacion 2018, the annual procession for the Black Nazarene. From the photos that have been popping up online, it looks like a sizable fraction of the country's population squeezed into Manila's already-cramped streets to fulfill their annual devotion.

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Lost in the sea of Nazareno followers are devout individuals whose sole possession during the religious occasion is their unwavering faith. People from all walks of life participate in hopes of experiencing a miracle.

FHM was able to get to know some of them and the stories behind their commitment to this religious practice.

Mil, 42

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Been attending since 2012
Why: For his family's guidance

He was with his wife and two daughters this year. "Nagsimula akong sumama sa prusisyon para ipagdasal na makatapos ang aking mga anak."

David Matthew, 24 (Black Nazarene devotees, Alabang Chapter)

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Been attending since 2008
Why: For his family

The man is reduced to tears while trying to explain the exact reason for his devotion.


Nelly, 60 (Misyonaryo group, 60th anniversary)

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Been attending since 2015
Why: To put oil on the forehead of those who want to be healed. She claims she has seen this act cure Stage 3 cancer in the past.

Members, both young and old, are dressed in white aboard a pickup truck. They have no religion but believe that there is only one God.

Joseph, 18

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Been attending since 2008
Why: For the forgiveness of his family's sins

Every year, he sells towels and shirts, which have higher demand during Translacion, with his mother. They've been doing this for a decade now. "Pag ubos na yung paninda namin, sumasampa na rin ako sa Nazareno."

RP GULOD Chapter (Novaliches)

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Been attending since 2013
Each year, they assign members to climb up the wagon.

Despite the sweltering heat, this group stayed at the center of an island in Quiapo, waiting patiently for their chance with the Black Nazarene. 

Photography Eve Baswel


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