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Trillanes Calls Duterte Supporters Hypocrites After Negative Ad

'The children were shown in a positive light and all pertinent laws were strictly followed'
by Andrei Medina | May 6, 2016
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Senator Antonio Trillanes IV called Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s supporters “hypocrites” after he received flak for using children in a negative political advertisement against the mayor.

In a statement on Thursday, the vice presidential candidate poked fun at his detractors by saying that “the truth definitely hurts.”

Trillanes also addressed those who criticized the use of children in the negative ads to get his message across.

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“The children were purposely used to hammer the message that they should always be part of the consideration in our choice of leaders of the country not only because it is for their future but also because they will emulate these leaders,” he said.

“Besides, the children were shown in a positive light and all pertinent laws were strictly followed,” he added.


Trillanes also pointed out how Duterte’s supporters apparently have a double standard when it comes to issues involving the tough-talking mayor.

“But wait, Dutertards are suddenly concerned about children?" he asked. "Yet they laugh every time Duterte cusses and jokes about his penis and rape not realizing that children are listening too? Such hypocrisy, right? Now, that's what the ad is all about too.”

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Trillanes accused Duterte of having P211 million in hidden wealth and up to P2.4 billion in bank transactions last month.

On Thursday, he also filed plunder and malversation raps against Duterte before the Ombudsman for Digong's alleged involvement in the payroll of 11,000 ghost employees in Davao City.


Photo from Senator Antonio Trillanes IV's official Facebook page

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