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Attention, shoppers

A pole, a person with tourette's, an FHM babe gone prevy - all funny stuff
by Ronjay Eduvas | May 30, 2012
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My first job was as sales utility clerk in a furniture store in Lucena seven years ago. Every day, one person from our team is tasked to man the package counter. There was a raffle promo so twice an hour, the guy on duty would have to announce the promo through microphone for the whole outlet to hear.

When the day came for my turn at that post, I ended up absentmindedly announcing on the mic: "Good day dear shoplifters" instead of  "Good day dear shoppers." I panicked. Buti na lang tanghaling tapat. Few shoppers. Though that didn't spare me from the verbal abuse of my supervisor and laughs from my workmates. I didn’t get fired because of that. But up until now, whenever I chance across my ex-workmates and manong guards, I'm remembered as "Mr. shoplifter.”
Pomophagist_vampire, by email

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