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True Stories: Flying Ipis vs. Zombies

<em>Disgrasya</em> in its purest, humiliating form
by Ronjay Eduvas | Oct 31, 2012
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My friends and I are zombie apocalypse fanatics. One night, we were hanging out in our friend’s garage just talking about our zombie strategies—like what weapons we could create out of everyday household items if it ever occurred in our neighborhood. One guy arrogantly said, “Sus, pag mabagal lang yung zombie, okay lang. Pag tumatakbo, okay lang din, at least alam mo yung weak point. At tsaka...” Suddenly a cockroach went flying overhead. Nag kanya-kanyang takbo na kami. Some of the guys went inside; the others ended up out on the street. I thought that if a flying cockroach could do that, what more a running zombie?
Ryiel Nacino, by email

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