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True Stories: Karne

Corned beef Oreos, face slobbering, and toilet hide-and-seek. Should you be sending us photos of these instead?
| May 1, 2013
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My friend had his maid replicate those famous Wicked Oreos (cookies in fried dough balls), and she was able to make them pretty good, so he invited me over to have some. He had the maid cook another batch. He gave the maid a pack of Oreos and also handed her corned beef to cook for lunch. It took her a while in the kitchen, then she came back with something that looked like dog food: piles of cookies inside little misshapen balls of oily meat. We picked at it for further inspection—it was the Oreos wrapped in corned beef!

After the initial shock though, our grumbling stomachs couldn’t deny that we were hungry, so we reluctantly scraped the corned beef off and ate it. We looked at the soggy Oreos afterwards and thought, “What the heck!” and ate them anyway. It wasn’t actually too bad, but we’d rather not do that again.
Bikits, by email

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