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True Stories: Misinformed

When is bubblegum not bubblegum? Answer below
| Sep 5, 2013
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While my Science teacher was discussing our lesson in front of class back in sixth grade, one of my female classmates suddenly took out a circular, orange-colored rubber thing. Most of my other classmates were pretty much amazed to see the thing, while I was not.

As a reader of Cosmo (FHM came later), I knew it was a condom. When I asked why she brought that not-so-cool-for-elementary-students thing, my classmate replied, “Why, what’s wrong with this one? Ginagawa nga namin na bubble gum ng kapatid ko eh. It’s tasty kaya!”

All I could do was show a disgusted look on my face after. I wished it was me who was wrong instead of the other way around. Yuck!
Franz Tantiongco, by email

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Illustration Gilbert Daroy
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