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Are You Part Of The 'Tularan Si Juan' Movement?

In just one day, the Facebook page amassed more than 100,000 followers. We talk to its creators about the sudden, unforeseen popularity.
by Gelo Gonzales | Jan 12, 2016
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There's a new social media star on the block: the "Tularan Si Juan" Facebook page.

The page was put up on January 11, 2016.

Today, January 12, it now has 105,000 followers. It's the very definition of an overnight sensation in the social media era. The question now: Just what the fuck is "Tularan Si Juan"?

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Let's show a few sample posts. These are three of the biggest hitters with 24,000 likes, 14,000, and 12,000 respectively.

1) The one about Facebook likes

2) The one about working at "Krusty Krab" at "Edi Sa Puso Mo"

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3) The one about honesty

From the viral posts above, the page's popularity seems to stem from the fact that it presents an idealized version of Juan a.k.a. the Filipino. It hones in on a certain Filipino behavior that is perceived to be negative. It then offers a suggestion: the "right" way to do things.

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In the last example, it plays on the fact that Filipinos oftentimes don't say the truth in matters of punctuality. The "Juan," in this case, instead of resorting to typical habits, just comes out with the truth. The post then encourages the readers to emulate Juan's example. The number of likes, comments, and shares on these posts may reflect this generation's desire to actually do away with negative Filipino habits in lieu of more positive ones.


The "Tularan Si Juan" page is actually the adaptation of another popular Facebook page: "Be Like Bill." It's a fact that the "Tularan..." page wears proudly. In fact, it's written right there on their bio, which reads, "Panggagaya sa sikat na pahinang 'Be like Bill.' Matalino si Juan. Tularan natin siya."

The page's creators, two guys who wish to be identified only as David and Gabriel, admitted as much. They were inspired by the "Be Like Bill" page. On a whim, however, they thought of localizing their page's style. David, during our conversation on Facebook, reveals their impetus: "We felt that if we only made 'Be Like Bill' memes, they simply wouldn't be as personal as having an icon that goes by a very Filipino name such as 'Juan.'"

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"We base our memes on real-life, everyday experiences for Filipinos. I think that's why it is able to touch the Filipino community in a really personal way. Adding to that, gusto rin po namin mapaalala yung local values natin and yung ibang mga faults na nao-overlook," shares David.

One hundred thousand likes in just one day—David says that the sudden popularity is indeed overwhelming but also that they'd love to grow as big as other popular social media entities. One example? The Senyora Santibañez page, with which David hopes "to be on par with" in the future. Coincidentally, social media's taray queen page has already put in its two cents on the rise of the "Tularan Si Juan" page.

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So we just had to ask: "Ano naman reaksyon niyo nung nakita niyo yung post ni Senyora na ganun? Nainis ba kayo o inisip niyo na lang na ganun talaga yung character na pino-portray niya?"

To which they said, "Wala natawa lang po kami. Haha."

Your move, Senyora!

FHM Nation, what do you think is the proper "Tularan Si Juan" reaction to this?

Tularan Si Juan is also on Twitter.


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