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Typhoon Pedring: Why We Hate This Sumbitch

How could such a wussy typhoon name be so threatening?
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 28, 2011
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Speaking of the devil: Just when we were remembering the second anniversary of a certain super typhoon last Monday, another ogre of a downpour struck the metro a day later. What is up, Pedring?!

As of this writing, a good number of typhoon victims are still in need of rescuing, plenty of schools and offices are still out of commission and numerous urban and rural territories are still human-deep in flood. All while PAG-ASA announces a forthcoming typhoon in the name of Quiel—coming this weekend, we heard on the radio— reminding us of the Ondoy-Pepeng one-two punch back in 2009.

We can think of a million ways why we wouldn’t want a typhoon like Pedring to return to our area of responsibility. But major catastrophe aside, we hated Pedring the most for the hassle and aggravation it brought us, the hard working and busy Filipino. Here are five more reasons:

Damn typhoon is trying to steal Ondoy’s thunder. There are so many days in a year, the typhoon season itself lasting for weeks on end. Typhoon Pedring could have chosen any other date, but instead it chooses to arrive on local territory right on the night of Typhoon Ondoy’s 2nd anniversary. Not that we’re rooting for Ondoy, but come on now. Imagine the intense thoughts of horror that comes every September 26 from here on.

Pedring sure knows how to screw thousands of people over. The typhoon intensified early Tuesday morning; just around the time employees leave their houses to head to work. Lots are already pissed off that they have to go to work in the first place, but just when people are arriving in their offices, the government suspends the workday because of the typhoon!

The typhoon also made sure we’re just as screwed staying at home.  A day in hiding inside the house could be a rewarding feat on a work or school day, but the typhoon turned out to be quite the gladiator outdoors, prompting Meralco to take out everyone’s power supplies to avoid electrical accidents and hazardous wiring. All the same, it’s for our own safety.

Heck, the UAAP Finals has been postponed! Game 2 of the UAAP Finals match between the Ateneo Blue Eagles and the FEU Tamaraws has been moved to another date. Should be the last thing people must be worrying about, but it’s a pretty big deal since another typhoon is set to arrive in the country come Saturday, October 1, which is when Game 3 is supposed to happen. Total delay!

Pedring indeed hassled us to death. Flights are obviously getting cancelled, commute opportunities are disappearing by the minute, and households and hotels are already waist deep in flood. And then there’s the added strike brought by Philippine Airlines employees. And then there are dikes being damaged. These are some crazy ass situations in one day.

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