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U.S. vs. Syria: Anyare?!?

Why, Assad? Why?
by Mikey Agulto | Sep 10, 2013
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The way things are going in Syria right now, we wouldn't be surprised to see this catastrophe in a future episode of The Newsroom. We're going to go on a limb here and assume that you already heard about the community-wide fatal gassing incident in Syria, and you want to know how and why such tragedy unfolded. And you also want to know what's going to happen, and who to blame for this fiasco. This week's edition of FHM Explainer discusses just that, so scroll down to be informed.

What’s going on in Syria right now?

For one, Syria is on the brink of being attacked by the United States, because President Bashar al-Assad is refusing to hand over his country’s chemical weapons stock amidst accusations that his regime is responsible for the chemical weapons attack on East Damascus last month. US President Barack Obama has given Assad a week to comply, and failure to do so would green light Obama’s decision to launch a preemptive air strike. The Syrian president, however, sounds like he’s ready to go to war if needs to. So who’s the loser here? Innocent Syrian and American citizens who are scared shitless of a possible attack on their respective countries.

What the hell happened in East Damascus?
A chemical weapons bombardment of several opposition-controlled areas of the Ghouta Region occurred on August 21, 2013. Medical sources have provided death tolls ranging from 355 to 1,729, but none of which counted the physically wounded. If the death toll is indeed correct, this would be the deadliest use of chemical weapons since the Iran-Iraq war in the late '80s. According to reports, some of those who perished died while sleeping in their beds. Plenty of victims hid in basements, not knowing that the chemical agents sink to lower lying, poorly-ventilated areas. You can see the reports and check the pictures out for yourself, but we’re telling you—it ain’t for the weak at heart. Sarine gas? Seriously!?

Holy shit storm…what kind of devil’s ass would do something like this?
The opposition forces are blaming President Assad for the attacks, but the Syrian government claims they have nothing to do with the incident. However, according to intelligence reports, Assad allegedly launched the chemical attack because he “lost his nerve” in a moment of panic and worried that Damascus would fall to rebel troops. In a telephone call tapped by German spy chiefs, a senior Hezbollah commander told the Iranian embassy in Lebanon that Syria’s president intended to tilt the balance of power towards the regime in the battle for control towards the country’s capital.

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