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United Nations Study: Pinoys Are Happier Compared To Last Year

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by Andrei Medina | Mar 21, 2017
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If you feel happier this year then you might be agreeable to the findings of a study conducted by the United Nations (UN) that measures the happiness index of the countries in the world.

In the study, the Philippines raised its rank by ten notches from last year after it was named the 72nd happiest country in the world. This is based on the recently released annual World Happiness Report conducted by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network for the UN.

The Philippines is sandwiched between Asian neighbor Hong Kong (71st) and European country Serbia (73rd).

The country scored pretty well in the gross domestic product per capita, social support, health life expectancy and freedom to make life choices departments with a total happiness index of 5.430 points.

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Other Asian neighbors were not far from the Philippine ranking like China and Indonesia that got the 79th and 81st spot, respectively.

Meanwhile, Norway topped the rankings after being ranked in 4th place last year. The happiest country got an index of 7.537 points, closely followed by Denmark, Iceland, Switzerland and Finland.

“Norway moves to the top of the ranking despite weaker oil prices. It is sometimes said that Norway achieves and maintains its high happiness not because of its oil wealth, but in spite of it,” the study read.


Other countries in relation to the Philippines were given the following rankings:
Canada – 7th
Australia – 9th
United States – 14th
United Kingdom – 19th
Japan – 51st
South Korea – 56th

On the other hand, the world’s unhappiest countries are strife-torn or disease-plagued places like Rwanda, Syria, Tanzania, Burundi and Central African Republic that ranked from 151st to 155th, respectively.

The study mainly ranks the happiness of each country based on factors such as income, social life, health, independence, generosity, corruption and communities.

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