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The Most Hilarious Memes And Reactions To The Unli-Rice Ban

Filipinos love their white rice, that's for sure
by Andrei Medina | Jun 15, 2017
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Are you a fan of the unlimited rice promos in fast food chains all over the country that help ease the woes of pecha de peligro for millions of our countrymen each month? Well, we have really bad, bad news for you.

According to a report from ABS-CBN News, Senator Cynthia Villar recommended an end to the highly popular unli-rice promos for both health and economic purposes.

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Villar said the nation stands to benefit from this as she explained how lessening rice intake will reduce our chances to get diabetes. She also said this move will teach Filipinos to be health-conscious and responsible eaters.

To be fair, the senator has pretty valid points. But of course rice-loving netizens aren't keeping mum, at least on social media. Chaos was bound to ensue after the senator made brazen comments against unli-rice promos in a country like the Philippines, where it's considered a staple in every meal.

Villar quickly became an easy target of memes fueled by the nation’s unlimited love for rice. The public backlash was so bad that she had to issue a statement where she clarified that she was just voicing out her personal stand on the issue and had no intention of proposing a ban on the popular promo.

Props to her for responding to memes with her own meme. Still, this didn’t keep rice-hungry netizens from venting out on social media. Check these hilarious unli-rice memes out:

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And the fast-food wars begin (parody accounts)

Pabibo pa more

When unli-rice is life

Say no more

Protect the rice!


Lol unli-rice kaldero FTW!

Who ever said rice was easy?

Someone just got triggered

Triggered again

How we wish

Now you know, don’t ever mess with unli-rice.


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