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US Presidential Campaign: A Recap of Significant Events

God bless America
by Mikey Agulto | Nov 6, 2012
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After months of listening to two candidates bickering, lobbying for each other, and making themselves look much more politically pogi than they actually are, 315 million Americans are about to vote for their next President this Wednesday, November 7 (Philippine time). It will be America's 57th quadrennial presidential election. Incumbent Democratic President Barack Obama and Vice-President Joe Biden are running for reelection, facing an enormous challenge in the form of Republican Party nominees Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Oh, it's on, alright.

While we're not exactly the finest bearer of political news online (our limited knowledge on US politics only grew through countless hours of Saturday Night Live), allow us to give you a recap of the most significant events that took place during the US Presidential Campaign. We ain't giving no expert advise in here either, but this should be enough for you to earn the moniker of "Mr. Politics" in the presence of your equally clueless friends. Enjoy! 

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