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Victoria's Secret Model Daniela Lopez Osorio Has The Most Spellbinding Runway GIF Ever

Our recently discovered lingerie model has us thanking the Internet all over again. 
by Ron Jay Eduvas | Oct 7, 2015
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FHM Nation, meet Daniela Lopez Osorio, a 22-year-old Columbian model who has been recently tapped as the new face of Victoria's Secret's "Pink" lingerie collection.

Oh, and she's also taking the Internet by storm with her mesmerizing behind, which has been immortalized in spellbinding GIFS. Hats off to the awesome dude who compiled all her runway wonders into this one must-save snippet:

She looks strikingly similar to fellow bikini goddess Miranda Kerr, and her body languange definitely shows she's made to walk the runway and don a lingerie.

In an interview with The New York Post, Daniela also displayed a little bit of humor:

As Daniela bites into a tuna fish sandwich, a hair stylist on the set of her lingerie shoot comments, “It’s nice to see models eat.”  Without missing a beat, the 21-year-old retorts, “I’m Colombian, sweetie. I don’t eat for me. I eat for the butt,” before slapping her ample posterior.

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Clearly she was joking. The pretty Latina is also excited by the new direction the fashion world is walking into, turning over a new leaf as it embraces more natural, curvier models rather than the super-thin ladies that it had long advertised. 

"I could starve myself and my body is never going away. But [Gigi and Bella Hadid] are changing things,” she says. “I would love to work for Tom Ford, Givenchy and Balmain because they have changed from the [typical runway models with] stick figures," she shares to the The New York Post.

Looks like the future of modeling is in good hands, right, brothers?

So make sure to remember her, alright? Because we have feeling that we'll be seeing lots of her in the near future.

And just in case you're really bad with names, we leave you with Daniela's sexiest posts on Instagram to help you  free up some space in your memory.

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Images from Daniela Osorio's Instagram account, GIF via

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